PIDP 3250: Instructional Strategies Digital Project Reflection

I can honestly say that this is one of the toughest assignments I’ve worked on to date! That being said, I am satisfied with the final video and will definitely be creating more videos in the future.

In PIDP 3250, one of the assignments we are given is to create a digital project on an Instructional Strategy.

You can watch my YouTube video: here

There are two parts to this project: creating the video and then reflecting on the process. Here are the steps I took to tackle this assignment:

Step 1: Understand the assignment

  • Review the Assignment and marking rubric
  • Watch the instructor (Doug Mauger’s) YouTube video on the assignment
  • Review the examples provided (I must have watched at least 10 of them)

Step 2: Select a Technique
I reviewed the 50 instructional strategies in Part Three of the textbook “Student Engagement Techniques” and narrowed my selections to four choices: Split-Room Debate, Team Jeopardy, Role Play, or Field Trips. I decided on Split-Room Debate as I felt this was something I could implement immediately in my classes.

Step 3: Select a program to create a digital video
I started by “googling” the various digital video programs and got really overwhelmed, fast! I then took to our “Academy Lounge” discussion forum to ask what platforms my peers were working with. I also made a list of the programs those who’ve already taken the class used.

I narrowed my selection down to Powtoon or iMovie. After watching several hours worth of tutorials online, and trying both programs, I selected iMovie as it seemed the easiest for me to use.

I laugh here because this one kept me up at night! I had never before created a video and was panicked at the sheer size of the learning curve I would have to climb.

Step 4: Create the presentation
I decided to create the presentation in PowerPoint prior to creating the video. I used the guiding questions to ensure I was meeting all of the expectations as laid out in the marking rubric. Here is my presentation in PowerPoint (with references): PIDP 3250 Digital Project

Step 5: Film the presentation
Ok, now here’s where things got crazy. It took me 8 hours to film and “edit” my video. I use the term “edit” loosely because I had no clue what I was doing. It took me 8 takes to film my video; nine if you include the one where it wasn’t actually recording! I started with a 7 minute presentation, that I finally got down to under 5 minutes.

Finally, it was time to edit. I went through several themes and selected a “news” theme as that’s where I’m comfortable and I thought it worked well for the educational aspect of the project. I spent hours trying to figure out imovie. All while thinking, “I bet there are thousands of elementary school children who could do this is seconds.”

I desperately put out a call for help on Facebook. I called my Mac repair team hoping they could help. At one point during the editing, I was so stressed out that I had hives on my hands!

Ideally, I would have been able to add text to the video to break up having just me talking. Finally, I decided that one of the many videos I had made would work for the assignment and I posted it to YouTube.

Step 5: Compare my project to the technical specifications

  • Max 5 mins: The video is 4 mins 44 seconds, so under the 5 minute mark. I found it hard to reduce the time while still addressing the guiding questions
  • Min 3 references: I have three references in my presentation (see PowerPoint) but only spelled out 2 in my video. I found it hard to sound natural while stating references.
  • Guiding questions: I answered them all including: best practices; pros & cons; personalize & provided an example of how I would use it; outlined the roles of the educator & instructor.

Step 6: Compare my project to the marking rubric
I believe I fall somewhere in the Level 3 range for this project. I would have liked more variety (slides coming in, pictures of debates taking place) to capture and hold the viewers attention to the end.

Step 7: Post to YouTube

This is my first YouTube video so I had to create an account prior to posting. Watch my video here

Step 8: Write reflection

Step 9: Post blog reflection

Step 10: Submit the link to the instructor for grading


About robincookbondy

My name is Robin Cook Bondy and I live in Ladner, BC with my husband and three sons. I am a communications and public relations professional pursuing further education in the area of adult learning.
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One Response to PIDP 3250: Instructional Strategies Digital Project Reflection

  1. royfisher454 says:

    Nicely done Robin! Well paced and clear, good presence. I can see the powerful tool that Split-room Debate brings to learning. I also see that if the subject is more in the affective domain, that things might get a little messy … but that’s part of it, isn’t it? Thank you for this video. – Roy


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