PIDP 3260 Professional Practice


This week marks the beginning of my Professional Practice course which is my second-to-last course in the Provincial Instructor Diploma program (PIDP).

“The Professional Practice course introduces participants to the issues, themes and concepts of effective instruction, instructor competencies, informal and formal assessment and evaluation of instruction, as well as ethics, professionalism and career management” (VCC, 2015).

One aspect of the course that I am really looking forward to is developing a career management strategy & professional development plan to outline the next steps in my journey to becoming an adult educator.

As many of you know, I have been working as an Instructor in the School of Business at BCIT for nearly five years now. In addition to winding down the Fall semester and kicking off the winter semester, I will be spending the next 10 weeks exploring my role as an adult educator as I work my way through PIDP 3260 Professional Practice.

Stay tuned for my posts!


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About robincookbondy

My name is Robin Cook Bondy and I live in Ladner, BC with my husband and three sons. I am a communications and public relations professional pursuing further education in the area of adult learning.
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