New Years Resolutions for Teachers?

Today I came across the article “Five New Year’s Resolutions for College Faculty” by Karen Hughes Miller posted on the Faculty Focus website.

In the article, the author suggests that teachers, many of whom are counting down the days to the much needed holiday break from the classroom, should take some time to reflect on their teaching practice and even make some “New Years Resolutions” for the classroom.

Hughes Miller makes five New Years Resolutions include: learning students names early in the semester, creating clear rubrics for all assignments, keeping content current, creating pathways that lead outside the classroom, and treating students as young professionals. 

This got me thinking about my education-based New Years Resolutions.

As I am hoping to begin my Master’s in Education: Post Secondary in 2016, I have decided to keep things simple and realistic and make four “teaching” resolutions:

  1. Improve my teaching practice by completing the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program by March 2016.
    Given that I am nearly halfway through my seventh course “Professional Practice” and set to start my “Capstone Project” immediately after, I shouldn’t have any trouble reaching this goal. In the courses I have taken over the past year, I have learned about course design and delivery, evaluation & assessment, media-enhanced learning, and instructional strategies that I am eager to really put in to practice.
  2. Ensure all lessons are student-centred and feature active learning. 
To me, providing an active learning environment, based on student needs, is now my true focus in the classroom. I’d like to continue to take the focus off me as the instructor, and put more of the learning in to the student’s hands. This goes hand-in-hand with treating college students as adults and allowing them to engage in active learning experiences where the learning is really brought to life.
  3. Create a Facebook page for at least one course I instruct. 
This is something that I’ve wanted to experiment with for a while but just haven’t had a chance to do so. I really think that this could add value to a face-to-face class and I just want to do it right. This will take some extra planning and monitoring on my part but I believe that extending the learning outside of the classroom could be really great for students.
  4. Organize and update course material (assignment descriptions, rubrics, evaluation & lesson planning) to maximize student (and instructor!) experience.

If anyone would like to share their resolutions, please feel free to leave a comment here!

Five New Year’s Resolutions for College Faculty. (2015, December 11). Retrieved December 14, 2015, from


About robincookbondy

My name is Robin Cook Bondy and I live in Ladner, BC with my husband and three sons. I am a communications and public relations professional pursuing further education in the area of adult learning.
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